Corner pieces

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We’re well past the equinox now, turning the corner into autumn, but out running today the countryside is still having a Bucks Fizz moment about it, deciding what it wants to be.

Most fields are brown-red now and furrowed, but from the top of the hill the holiday parks are still growing neat rows of caravans. The bracken is turning, except in the deep wet lanes, but the nettles are still high. I happily kicked through chestnuts in the leaves, but I was startling butterflies in the long grass too.

I startled bigger things too, and they startled me back. Something large and grey (not me) cluttered through the woods, and reminded me that back in spring, I found a very dead stag here.

deerTurning the corner, I found eight very alive deer en famille (about eight times more than I’ve ever seen here), who rushed back for cover needlessly quickly given how fast I can run at the moment.

It’s not all rural idyll out this way of course, the hedges dying back now show the holly more, but also the beer cans and the McDonalds cartons. But, the pylons have ivy growing up them, and there’s enough lanes for me to lose myself before following the sea back again.

Running up almost the last hill, they’ve put a carved wooden owl on a post, and drilled a hole so you can look through its eye and see Berry Head about three hours running in the distance.

That’s part of the plan for next year, a run to there I think. It’s further than I can run, so I’d best start working on a me that can.

And that was what I’d spent a lot of the run doing already; not quite making race and other plans for next year, but at least thinking about the shape of them. Finding some of the pieces of next year’s jigsaw, at least one or two corners and some edges. And some bits in the middle that could go either way up, and might be sea or sky, and others that could be snow or clouds, and they can just sit in roughly the right place until I find the joining-up pieces (when I’ll probably find that those bits were sheep after all).

Slowest run of the year probably, but it was a run that I did, and they are always nicer than the ones I didn’t.


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