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July 10, 2015 at 6:37 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

dawlishSo after a long period of fingernail-paced drift in this direction, we finally moved to Dawlish last year. In a big house, sized for noise, bikes, happy people and stuff.

And Dawlish suits us (until Threlkeld drifts nearer and all the short people drift further). It’s a ladybird town here in lots of ways, with a beach, and a bandstand, and a toy shop that sells sweets in jars as well as jigsaws in slightly faded boxes. There’s also the screamery that sells ice-creams bigger than my face, as well as cake, pies and beer <swoon>.

About the same time as we moved, here, the sea wall moved into the sea, leaving a railway-sized hole for a while. They’ve even nearly fixed it now. We can see the sea from bed, spy distant pirates with the telescope, and taste salt in the air (and wipe it off the car in the morning).

Sea-swimming off the beach is just a skip-and-a-jump away, and we have even been known to skip and jump when walking there with wetsuits on all ready. Swim one way hugging the shore and we see the far away bits of France that aren’t there, swim the other and we see trains creeping up behind children with buckets and spades. Don’t look down or the jellysharks will get you.

If I cycle to work (12 miles flat or longer with hills. Never do the hills, obv), then the coast path means I may only get passed by two cars. More often, I see no cars at all, because I’m on the train. Lazy. Get a grip.

Oh, and I’m meant to run too.

On that note, I’ve realised that it’s 8 weeks to Helvellyn Tri (paid for it now), 10 weeks to Dawlish Tri (rude not to), and 13 weeks to the Kirkfell race (which happens to be the day after a small-and-perfect wedding in Wasdale Head church, where me and Becki will make honest fellrunners(ish) of each other).

Got some training to do, and some plans to make.

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