First swim of the year

May 8, 2014 at 7:42 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

ARCTICROLLIt was murky in the Teign today, murky and cold (which is always the worst kind of murky).

Edging into the water, it took a stumble of faith to get my head in-and-a-bit-under, and from then on half my world was river-green (and the other half was being rained on).

Cold? Face-bitingly cold, and murky too, (which is the always the worst kind of cold).

Did I say it was murky and cold? I couldn’t see the bottom, and I couldn’t feel my bottom (perhaps because my hands were so numb).

Still, the face pain distracted from the shock of the slow, and the fact it was a short swim meant that it was also an everyone-stays-together swim. Becki was an added bonus to shepherd me, keeping me to the right side of the boats that were shivering in the tide.

Afterwards was made better by cake (there aren’t many places where you can wear two hats at once, dress in rubber and eat cake).

Murky and cold and fun, which is sometimes the best kind of lovely.


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