…where the skies are blue

March 15, 2010 at 11:50 pm | Posted in Run | Leave a comment

Some days I see the point

Running back to the holiday cottage and Becki, in the darkening light of evening, I’ve run just about as far as I can. At least, I’ve run just about as far west as I can, seeing as we are staying in Pendeen, where the land fades untidily into the sea in a crumple of mines, sand and spray.

I’ve gone as far as the lighthouse, and I’ve clambered through and over the rocks to get right to the point (not normally good at that). I’ve followed wondering oddments of the coastal path along the cliffs, hanging on to the grass in a couple of places where it began to get a little too coastal. I’ve struggled over ancient stones, and stumbled over stiles.

And now I’m turning inland into a lived-in landscape, running against the tide of the setting sun. As I’ve run, my muddy bloody legs have been imagining Cumbrian hills, trying to work out if they are looking forward to some proper hard work. And as I’ve run, past the glowy embers of lights in windows, I’ve thought about spring, life, love and age.

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