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Langdale fell race


It’s been Much Too Long since I last wrote anything, but I’ve been having a happy busy time (that has also unfortunately coincided with a complete lack of me doing any sensible running and all that).

Still, I’ve managed some oddments, and now with this post I’m shaming myself into a bit of effort…

What I have managed is:

– the Langdale fell race, in a shockingly dreadful time on a marvellous day in the hills. Proof positive that if I’m really going to do Wasdale (and some other long things) next year, then the effort that really counts is going to be on cold, dark, wet winter Devon evenings rather than one hot July day on Great Gable

– some subsequent long Lake District days in the bright low autumn sun, thinking about the year that had got me there


One of the places I didn’t fall off

– my first ever bit of mountain-biking, where the very nice Whinlatter Bikes helped me spend the day having more fun falling off than I thought possible. I haven’t had so much enjoyment wearing a Christmas tree for about eleven months

– a couple of track sessions; at least enough to realise that to race fast I’m going to have to do a bit more training fast

– a couple of pool swims, feeling like a fish out of water, except wetter and with more gasping. I thought that I couldn’t really be going as slow as I felt, and then my brutally honest stopwatch broke the news in a stage whisper audible even over my splashing

– a November swim in the sea on a sharp bright day with someone startling, brief enough to still be feeling the shock of the cold when already out and drying and laughing.

And today’s post has been brought to you by the letter C, and even has its own theme music.

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