Sun, sun, sun

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A high place

Sourton Tor

Well I had a bit of a poor run at Ivybridge Beacon on Sunday, between not trying hard enough (not enough racing this year meant that my head wasn’t in the right place), and twisting my ankle a bit much on the final rocky descent.

So, I wasn’t expecting much from my little plod around Meldon.  I was going there anyway for a work thing in the afternoon (doing a presentation predicting a foolish future), so despite having tired legs I thought I would have a quick absence running up and down hills in the morning.

And it was the most marvellous bright-warm-cold day, as summer clings on towards autumn, with warmth in the sun that was trying hard, and a stern look of coldness in the shade.

There were buzzy things in the gorse (in blossom) and bracken as I took the path above the reservoir, and then sheep as I tried and failed to find a new way across the stream. Then, as I climbed towards Sourton Tor there were surprisingly young-looking ponies sleeping almost dead-like in the sun until nudged into stumbling to their unexpected feet by the shamble of my own less-than-agile progress.

Sourton Tor is a fine place. You can see all the kingdoms in the world from it. Not to mention the ice factory (now that’s cool).

Balanced on the edge of the moor, looking north you can almost see Wales and whales, if Exmoor didn’t bustle into the picture. Beneath you is a trace of the A30, and you can see people rushing back from Penzance on a Monday evening, late for sea-swimming, and rushing to Bude on a Saturday morning.

Looking south you can see Branscombe’s Loaf, and the beginnings of wilderness.

And if you’re there on a Wednesday morning, standing on the highest rocks in the wind when you should be at work, with a shadow tall as anything, and in an hour or so you’ll have muddy legs under work trousers, as you talk about what comes next and beyond, then you may just feel that the future turns out to be ok on a small and human-shaped scale.


It’s not too bad up north

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Cave sans wizard

Well we had something of a Ladybird holiday in the Peak district, even if we didn’t have Ladybird weather (unless there is a Ladybird Book of Grey).

We had a little converted shippon (moo) on a farm with a treehouse. And we had walks and Monopoly and Cluedo and Yahtzee and visitors and cloudy picnics and even one or two sunny ones.

thursbitch stoneWe fell asleep in a planetarium (or at least one of us did), and we got nicely told off by some swimming-pool lifeguards for being a bit too lively.

We went looking for iron gates on Alderley Edge, and elsewhere we pilgrimaged to where John Turner was cast away.

And we found mangrove swamps when we were more lost than we would have wanted to admit to, on a walk we will remember for more than one reason, and we found the way home too.

Still muddling, not yet through

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Holne woods

Holne woods

I don’t know if Lindblom ever did any running or biking, but he might have approved of my approach to things over this summer. My aim has been to get a bit quicker, go a bit longer and be a bit happier, and I’ve generally been ok on all of those.

Or at least I had been, until recent busy-ness and holidays and life have left some dents in the plan. But that’s what life is about anyway, and we are playing a long game.

So, after two weeks of almost complete inactivity (and why do I stop stretching and core stuff and all that when I stop running? I should do more of that then. Thicky), I’m now back on the curve again (despite me being too busy or too lazy to swim at lunchtime today).

And yesterday was ninety minutes around Holne and Ryders Hill and a bit of Dart, looking for some perspective on the downhils as well as some oxygen on the ups.

And what I found was a small brown bird flying backwards in the wind, and some stoically anthropomorphic cows and a startled sheep, and some hills that will outlive us all and a rainbow on the way home that won’t.

I think there was some other stuff that I didn’t find though, so I may go back a few more times before the year is out.

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